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                          LUV-10紫外防護眼鏡保護眼睛免受零星低強度的紫外輻射。LUV-30(黃色),  LUV-20保護眼睛,可防止高強度紫外線輻射,滿足ANSI(美國標準協會)Z87.1及OSHA(美國職業安全及健康管理機構)1910.133關于眼睛保護的安全規范。其中LUV-30(T黃色)帶有熒光增強功能。

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                          LUV-30(黃色),  LUV-20保護眼睛,可防止高強度紫外線輻射,滿足ANSI(美國標準協會)Z87.1及OSHA(美國職業安全及健康管理機構)1910.133關于眼睛保護的安全規范。其中LUV-30(T黃色)帶有熒光增強功能。



                          LUV-80保護眼睛及面部,防止高強度紫外線。滿足ANSI,Z87.1及OSHA 1910.133關于眼睛及面部保護的安全規范。



                          This Model LUV-20 Ultraviolet blocking goggles block ultraviolet radiation while providing optimum contrast in viewing and lessened eye fatigue.

                          Goggles are constructed of specially-formulated plastic. The lightweight design and flexible rubber trim of the goggles fit comfortably on the face, even over prescription glasses. Air vents are located on each side of the goggles to allow air flow while blocking UV. Goggles comply with ANSI-Z87.1 1986 specifications for eye and face protection devices. Dimensions: 3"H x 6"W.

                          Eye and face protection is essential for anyone working with shortwave ultraviolet sources. Shortwave UV radiation can cause delayed reaction of sunburn to unprotected eyes and skin. The eyewear also minimizes "blue haze" associated with the longwave ultraviolet.

                          LUV-10 Spectacles, LUV-20Goggles and LUV-80 Faceshield Operating Manual

                          Ultraviolet Blocking Eyewear

                          Eyewear block ultraviolet radiation while providing optimumcontrast in viewing and lessened eye fatigue. The LUV-20 Goggles have air ventsthat are located on each side of the goggles to allow air flow while blockingthe ultraviolet radiation. The LUV-10 Spectacles are lightweight and fitcomfortably on the face, even over prescription glasses. Side arm panels giveadditional eye protection. The LUV-80 Faceshield covers the neck and face area.

                          The eyewear are intended to protect theeyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted from UV lamps.The eyewear isdesigned for eye protection from lamps emitting wavelengths of 254nm to 365nm(nanometers).These Ultraviolet Blocking Eyewear also reduce longwave ultraviolet“blue haze” for optimum viewing.

                          For exposure periods other than eight hours or for ultravioletwavelength emissions other than 254nm to 365nm, consult Document HSM 73-11009“Criteria for a Recommended Standard ... Occupational Exposure to UltravioletRadiation published by the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare.”

                          Caution:  Although the Goggles and Spectacles areintended to protect the eyes and the Faceshield to protect the face and neck,care must be taken to protect other parts of the body from severe skin burnassociated with shortwave UV wavelengths. Avoid shining any ultraviolet lamp onreflective surfaces. Wear protective clothing and skin cream.

                          Eyewear meet performance standards of ANSI Z87.1-1989.Spectacles and Goggles lenses are impact resistant, but not unbreakable. Cleanand inspect frequently. Pitted or scratched eyewear reduce protection — replaceimmediately. Clean all eyewear surfaces with a mild soap solution. Do not usesolvent on lenses. Carefully rinse off all soap. Air dry or pat dry with aclean, soft cloth or tissue.

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